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Personal Insolvency Solutions

Individual Voluntary Arrangement

An IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)  is an alternative way of dealing with personal debt as an alternative to bankruptcy. In situations where the pressure from Creditors is unmanageable we can advise on whether a formal IVA is a feasible option which acta in your own best interests and that of your creditors.

With this arrangement it may be able to settle amounts due to all creditors at an agreed discounted level and can be financed by way of monthly payments over a period of time or by the introduction of ‘lump sum’ payments to fund the proposal.

An IVA allows you to take control of your debt by proposing a settlement to your creditors which, if agreed, is legally binding for all those you owe money to. An IVA protects you from creditors who are owed sums at the date of the IVA and makes your debt more manageable.

Our dedicated team understand the stress that dealing with debt can have and use their knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process to achieve the desired outcome for you. We can give you confidential expert advice through an initial meeting to see what the right solution is for you.

Bankruptcy – Doing It Yourself

There has been a growing trend in recent years of ‘self-petitioning’ which is a mechanism by which individuals can make themselves bankrupt. The forms to do this can be obtained online through the NI Insolvency Service.

However we can help ease the process of making yourself bankrupt by providing assistance with completion of forms, organising a solicitor to appear in Court on your behalf and attend interview with the Insolvency Service if required. These are all major steps in alleviating the pressure and stress which comes with making yourself bankrupt.

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