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Need help… Selling a business? And maximising your return?

The decision to sell a business is one of the biggest and toughest decisions faced by any business owner. When taking that step it is important to have a trusted and experienced adviser to guide you through the process and to maximise your value.
Selling a business – key considerations

When selling a business, planning is essential. Below are some key considerations:

1. Is this the right time to sell - people sell businesses for many reasons : retirement, changing trends, shareholder disputes, consolidating sector, receiving an offer that is difficult to refuse. Unfortunately many people wait too long to consider selling their business and can loose out as a result. Timing is key - most sectors experience peaks and troughs and the optimum time to sell a business is at or close to the top of the market.
2. Is the business ready for sale - it is difficult pulling things together a month before selling. The process requires careful planning to maximise sales value and to ensure there is sufficient financial and other information readily available. Don’t leave this to the last minute.
3. Who might buy the business - Your business may be attractive to a supplier, a competitor, a private equity investor or a management team. Keenan CF team’s contacts, knowledge and research tools can save time and assist to identify the right buyer. Approaching a target buyer through an adviser helps protect a vendor and defines the process from the outset.
4. What is the value of the business - Valuations are a key part of any transaction and there are many factors to consider. Keenan CF has significant experience providing accurate and robust valuations to ensure you are fully informed when considering a sale.
5. How to maximise the sale value - A professional adviser will assist to negotiate the best value for your business. It can be helpful to consider the deal from a buyers side - ensure key contracts are renewed, good housekeeping is in place, and financial projections are available. You might consider if a share or asset sale is beneficial, and indeed if there are alternatives to an outright sale?
6. What are the tax implications - tax planning is an essential part of any transaction. Effective tax planning will structure a sale in a way that minimises overall tax liabilities.
7. Managing the sales process - A sales process can be complicated and time consuming. It is important that the vendor does not become distracted or take their eye off day to day business. Professional advice is a major factor in helping to achieve this.

How can Keenan CF assist you?
Keenan CF is a leading M&A advisor. Our team has led and advised on the sale of businesses of differing sizes and across a vast array of sectors. At the end of a process our clients often comment that ‘we could not have achieved that without you’. Our experience, contacts and know-how ensure that the sales process is efficient and that we deliver maximum value for our clients by assisting with all or some of the following areas:

• Pre sale PLANNING to maximise sales value
• Prepare and PRESENT information in the correct manner
• Business VALUATION
• Intelligent identification of and approach to prospective purchasers
• Preparation of information documents, projections and business plans
• MANAGING approaches and offers from potential acquirers
• NEGOTIATING maximum sales price and optimum deal structure for our clients
• Managing information exchange and the due diligence process
• Anticipating hurdles and proposing solutions to drive the transaction to completion

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