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Selling your business

Selling your business will probably be the most important deal you ever do.  And most people will only do it once.  So do it right.  When taking that step it is important to have a trusted and experienced adviser to guide you through the process and to maximise value.  When advising on a business sale Keenan CF will help you to:

  • Decide when to sell (timing is critical and a key value driver)
  • Establish valuation targets
  • Prepare the business for sale
  • Identify prospective purchasers
  • Manage approaches and distribution of information
  • Negotiate the optimum sale price and terms
  • Anticipate hurdles and propose solutions to drive the transaction to completion

A sale process will often take around 6 months to complete.  It is a complex process with financial, legal and HR matters creating a potential minefield for the inexperienced.  This is where our teams experience, diligent planning and skillful execution help you achieve a successful outcome.  If you are considering a business sale (part of full sale) now or in the future then we’d be delighted to talk to you about your options. 

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