Keenan CF is a truly independent firm meaning conflicts of interest will not arise and there are no hidden agendas.

Transaction Services

Value creation is key to business success. Undertaking an investment without a full and detailed consideration can be a costly mistake.

Keenan CF provides Transaction Services to assist in minimising the risk of investment by undertaking thorough financial due diligence on the target company. Our reports provide essential information to inform decision makers, mitigate risks and improve the return on investment.

Due Diligence
Whether it is being performed for an investor acquiring a company, a bank considering new lending or a company being prepared for sale, financial due diligence is an essential component in facilitating a smooth transaction and minimises the chance of unwanted surprises arising late in the process. Our due diligence reviews focus on the issues that impact clients most and we provide straightforward commercial advice with clear recommendations.

Keenan CF is experienced in carrying out company valuations and has done so for a variety of purposes including strategic planning, shareholder disputes and for providing a guide for corporate acquisitions and disposals. Our expert knowledge in this area ensures clients receive a robust valuation that will stand up to scrutiny

Benefits to clients

Clients will get the insight they need to assist them in evaluating and understanding the risks they may face in undertaking the transaction and can help influence the decision on whether or not to proceed with the transaction;

Our Transaction Services experience is extensive and clients will benefit from our expertise and broad knowledge base across a range of industries;

Our reviews are bespoke to every review and are fully tailored to client’s needs. We carefully listen to clients requirements and consider where our efforts will deliver most value for the client. Our clients get the information they need and, importantly, what they asked for;

Outsourcing the due diligence aspect of a transaction to Keenan CF will free up time for clients to concentrate on management issues and thereby reducing the impact of the transaction distracting clients from their main business tasks.