Keenan CF is a truly independent firm meaning conflicts of interest will not arise and there are no hidden agendas.

Corporate Restructure

When your Business is facing Financial Difficulties often it can be a difficult time for those involved. We would advise those in this situation to act quickly, work with us to identify the key issues and formulate an appropriate restructuring plan.

We have significant experience across a diverse spectrum of restructuring and insolvency options as explained further below

Understanding The Business

When a business is in difficulty, lenders may request an Independent Business Review before finalising a decision to continue supporting a company or to extend additional lending. Keenan CF works with management to prepare a comprehensive review of all areas of a business which gives reassurance as to the viability of a business in the short and medium term.

Independent Business Reviews (IBR’s)

We have extensive experience in undertaking financial reviews for Companies in distress. We will analyse historic financial data and understand the underlying reasons why the Business is in distress. We will also work closely with senior management to critically appraise financial projections going forward meaning that forecasts are reliable, achievable and provide a solid platform to assess the options going forward.

Formulate A Restructuring Plan

Having understood the many elements of your Business we will assess the options available and tailor an appropriate plan to seek to place the Business back onto a sustainable footing. This can involve a number of internal and external measures which can be agreed with your Stakeholders prior to implementation.

Business Rationalisation

Initially we will focus internally advising on any actions that can be taken to improve the financial performance and cash generation of the Business. This can include a number of things such as:

  • Cost rationalisation programme
  • Changes to working capital
  • Deleveraging
  • Sale or Closure of loss making division
  • Restructuring of onerous Contracts or Leases
  • Seeking funding or equity to implement the Business Restructure

Agreement with Creditors & Stakeholders

Where the Business is unable to meet all its debts as they fall due an element of debt restructuring is likely to be required. Depending on the extent of the pressure from Creditors we can advise on whether:

  • An informal arrangement with key Creditors can be reached to secure the viability of the Business; or
  • A formal insolvency process may be require


Where Creditor pressure is unmanageable we can advise on the various insolvency options available including:

  • Administration
  • Creditors Voluntary Arrangement
  • Administrative Receivership
  • Fixed Charge Receivership
  • Liquidation

We have extensive recent experience across the broad spectrum of insolvency cases and are best place to advise you on maximising value.

Solvent Liquidation

A Liquidation can also be used in a solvent entity to extract Capital offering tax advantages to the Company’s Shareholders.