Keenan CF is a truly independent firm meaning conflicts of interest will not arise and there are no hidden agendas.

Personal Debt Solutions

Being proactive when it comes to resolving debt issues is key to achieving a positive outcome.
When an individual becomes insolvent it imperative to seek reliable and trusted advice. Ignoring debt issues can lead to unnecessary pressure and strain as well as increasing the costs to resolve the issues.
We work with individuals to identify key actions that are required to rescue their finances and provide a solvent position going forward so they can look towards their future with certainty and confidence.

Trustee In Bankruptcy

We have acted for major creditors in cases to seek to optimise asset value for the benefit of the bankruptcy estate and increase the dividend to unsecured creditors.

We have also in-depth experience of forensic bankruptcy investigations to overturn transactions for the benefit of creditors and also uncover assets that have not been disclosed in the bankrupt’s statement of affairs.

Statement Of Affairs

Our Personal Insolvency Team will work with individuals to clarify their current financial situation and provide a clear and strategic synopsis of the options available to them. This is the first step in being proactive and being able to make an informed and strategic decision on how to move forward.

Business Plan & Projections

For sole trader and partnership businesses we will mobilise our Personal Insolvency team to determine whether there is an underlying profitable business that can be restructured.
We have experience across all sectors in Northern Ireland and showing how a business can be turned around financially, and identifying the steps to be taken to do this, can be key in a debt restructuring plan with major creditors.

Informal Agreement with Creditors

Where individuals are unable to meet all their debts as they fall due an element of debt restructuring is likely to be required. Depending on the extent of the pressure from Creditors we can advise on whether:

• An informal arrangement with key Creditors can be reached; or
• A formal insolvency process may be required

If there is potential for a robust and commercial informal agreement to be put to creditors we will use our valued and respected reputation to seek agreement with creditors.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (‘IVA’)

In situations where the pressure from Creditors is unmanageable we can advise on whether a formal IVA is feasible and in the interest of all Stakeholders.

With this arrangement it may be able to settle amounts due to all creditors at an agreed discounted level.