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Corporate Finance Advisory

Corporate transactions are major milestones in any organisation. The success or failure of a transaction can have a transformational impact on a business. For that impact to be a positive one, transactions must be carefully planned, skilfully negotiated and smoothly executed.

Keenan CF provides the full spectrum of Corporate Finance Advisory services, to assist you through the transaction process and maximise transaction value.


There are many reasons why a company might consider an acquisition or a merger with another business. Whatever that reason is, it must be part of a wider strategy for the business as a whole.

Acquisitions are made for a variety of reasons – to diversify, to drive growth through access to new customers and markets; to realise value through synergies; to acquire complimentary products and technologies.  The chances of making a successful acquisition are significantly improved when approached in a considered and well planned manner.  From intelligently focussed target identification.  To astute bid tactics and negotiation strategy in arriving at an agreed price and an optimal deal structure.  The right advice throughout will reduce risk and increase the chances of a successful transaction.  Keenan CF are experts in this area and are ideally positioned to assist you to successfully achieve your acquisition strategy.


The decision to sell a company is often one of the biggest and toughest decisions faced by any business owner.  When taking that step it is important that you have a trusted and experienced adviser to guide you through the process and to maximise value.

Keenan CF help business owners to identify prospective purchasers, manage approaches, negotiate the maximum selling price, and work diligently to ensure that the transaction completes.  Keenan CF provides pre-sale planning to maximise sales value.  And from our experience we anticipate potential hurdles and propose innovative, workable solutions to bring the transaction through to completion.

Management Buy Outs (MBO’s)

MBOs can be complex.  They can involve competing agendas which may in some cases become a distraction to running a business.  Funding of MBOs will often involve multiple layers of finance including debt, mezzanine and venture capital / private equity. When properly executed, and with the right advice, MBOs can result in a positive and lucrative outcome for both the existing vendor and the management team.  Keenan CF have advised on many successful MBOs and have a first class track record of successfully helping our clients negotiate the process.

Finance Raising

Finance can be obtained from many different sources each with different risk profiles, pricing structures, and equity or security requirements.  It is essential to identify the optimal funding structure and to talk to the right people to achieve this.  Keenan CF can assess your funding requirement, prepare robust funding applications and match the most appropriate financing structure to your needs.  We know the local and international market.  We have strong, longstanding relationships with all of the key funders including banks, private equity, venture capital funds, and angel investors. And we leverage these relationships to maximise the outcome of a successful fundraising for the business owner.

Business Plans & Strategic Advice

Keenan CF prepare professional business plans and projections that will be required on all corporate transactions and to obtain any form of finance.

We provide commercial and strategic advice to help your company develop and grow to the next level.  We can critically assess and challenge your existing corporate plan and identify areas for improvement.  And if your business faces an unexpected and significant issue, we can review the situation and advise how to best approach and handle the issue.


Valuations may be required for corporate transactions, fundraising, reporting requirements, disputes, business planning and employee share schemes.  Keenan CF has significant experience providing accurate and robust valuations using both traditional and innovative methodologies and techniques.

Due Diligence

Undertaking any transaction without full and detailed consideration can be a costly mistake.  Keenan CF can assist in minimising the inherent risk of acquisitions by undertaking thorough financial due diligence. Our reports provide essential information to inform decision makers, support price negotiations and improve return on investment.