About Us

Keenan CF is the choice provider for transactional and restructuring solutions

Keenan CF was founded by Tom Keenan several years ago and quickly established Keenan CF a refreshing alternative in the local Corporate Finance, Restructuring and Personal Insolvency arena. Tom is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner with over 25 years experience in dealing with some of Northern Ireland’s largest corporate appointments, Fixed Charge Receiverships, Restructurings and Bankruptcy appointments.

Keenan CF has gathered a team of highly professional and motivated individuals. All the members of Keenan CF are fully qualified chartered accounts with specialists spread across the business services of the firm. This blend of experience and specialism combines to provide clients of Keenan CF with the highest standard of service. A flexible, practical and personal approach is offered by the Keenan CF team, all of which results in a strong reputation of excellence in Northern Ireland.

The Keenan CF brand has become synonymous with producing consistent and value adding outcomes whether it be in maximising returns for creditors, resolving complex company issues or giving the right advice during difficult economic times. We are a firm that can be trusted to make the right decisions for our clients and you will experience how much we pride ourselves in the work we do for you.